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Annie and Teresa are the faces behind the brand. 4 years on we have grown in ways, and directions, we could never have foreseen. We've survived breast cancer, a pandemic and a divorce since we started our little business from our kitchen tables so we can't wait to see what the future holds. Thanks to all our fabulous customers, many of whom have been here from the very beginning.

kiki star

In the days before BBC Radio 1, Dee was a regular performer of cover versions on BBC Radio, and she starred with a group of session singers in the BBC Two singalong series, One More Time. She also appeared in an early episode of The Benny Hill Show in January 1971, performing the Blood, Sweat and Tears hit, "You've Made Me So Very Happy". Nevertheless, it was only after she signed with Elton John's label, The Rocket Record Company, that she became a household name in the UK.[1] Her first major solo hits were "Amoureuse"[1] (written by Véronique Sanson, with English lyrics by Gary Osborne) (1973) and "I've Got the Music in Me"[1] (written by Tobias Stephen Boshell), the latter credited to the Kiki Dee Band (1974).[5] In addition to her burgeoning career as a lead vocalist, she could sometimes be heard singing backing vocals on various John recordings, such as "All the Girls Love Alice" from Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and various tracks on Rock of the Westies.

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(CNN) -- It's been hypothesized that modern movies are so poorly constructed because the people who run today's studios have no hands-on screenwriting or directorial experience. "America's Sweethearts," a film industry satire starring John Cusack, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julia Roberts, and Billy Crystal, remedies that situation -- to a degree.

Joe Roth, who directed the movie, is also the head of Revolution Studios, the brand new company that financed it. Unfortunately, Roth directs the way a film executive thinks. He relies on mega-watt movie star charm to smooth over a stringently so-so script.

Roberts is Kiki Harrison, the put-upon personal assistant to Gwen Harrison (Zeta-Jones), a beautiful, spoiled movie star who also happens to be Kiki's sister. Gwen and her actor husband, Eddie Thomas (Cusack), are a wildly popular screen duo, but they're going through a difficult break-up. Gwen has unceremoniously dumped Eddie and latched onto their thick-tongued Spanish co-star, Hector (Hank Azaria.) Eddie, who seems like a decent enough guy, is thrown into a tailspin by the sudden collapse of his marriage. As the story opens, he's in a New Age mental health clinic, receiving self-help instructions from a nonsense-spewing therapist (Alan Arkin, in an amusing cameo.)

Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, Lee Phillips (Billy Crystal, who co-wrote the script with Peter Tolan), the couple's publicist, has been recruited by a panicked studio head (Stanley Tucci) to throw up a smoke screen at an upcoming press junket. Gwen and Eddie's latest film is being held hostage by its radical hippie director (Christopher Walken, in another funny cameo.) He refuses to show it to anyone until it's unveiled for the gathered press. That means scores of TV reporters will be holed up for a long weekend, waiting for the film to arrive. They'll have nothing to do but interview Gwen and Eddie, which will almost certainly reveal a nasty vibe. Lee's job is to make sure the two stars seem like they're still good friends despite their very public falling out.

The script is full of half-considered character stances. Crystal's Lee is a mess of contradictions. One minute he's covering up Gwen and Eddie's shattered relationship, then he's leaking it -- in excessively embarrassing ways -- to the national media. It's all, he says, in the name of free publicity, even though it's been established that the last thing the film he's promoting needs is that kind of exposure. Tucci also vacillates between hiding his stars' personal problems and growing giddy with excitement when they're uncovered. 041b061a72


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