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Raghuveer 1995: The Film that Showed the Bond Between Two Brothers and Their Struggle Against Corruption

Raghuveer 1995: A Review of the Action Drama Film Starring Suniel Shetty

If you are a fan of action-packed films with a touch of drama and comedy, you might have watched or heard of Raghuveer 1995, a Hindi film starring Suniel Shetty, Shilpa Shirodkar, Suresh Oberoi, Sudha Chandran, Mohnish Behl, Aruna Irani, Gulshan Grover, Prem Chopra, and others. The film was directed by K. Pappu and written by Amrik Gill, K. Pappu, and Raju Saigal. The film was released on June 23, 1995, and was an average grosser at the box office. The film has an IMDb rating of 4.6 out of 10 based on 110 user reviews.

Raghuveer 1995

The film revolves around the story of Raghuveer (Suniel Shetty), a law student who is passionate about justice and fights against injustice. He lives with his elder brother Ravi (Suresh Oberoi), an honest police inspector who leads the bodyguard team of the state's chief minister Sevak Ram (Prem Chopra). Raghuveer gets into trouble when he stands up for his professor who is beaten by Bitoo (Rana Jung Bahadur), a goon working for Nitiram Chanakya (Gulshan Grover), a corrupt politician who is Sevak Ram's rival. Raghuveer is falsely accused of assaulting his professor and is jailed. He forms a gang with his friends Robert (Mitwa), Yusuf (Bajrangi), Bawa (Aditi), and Sunil (Sunil Dhawan) to fight for the weak people. He also falls in love with Roshni (Shilpa Shirodkar), Sevak Ram's daughter who supports him. However, he faces more challenges when he crosses paths with Nitiram Chanakya, his brother Ganpat (Mohnish Behl), and Sevak Ram himself. He is again framed for murdering Ganpat and is tortured in prison by his own brother Ravi who misunderstands him. He escapes from prison to avenge his brother's death who is killed by Nit b70169992d


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