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Intermediate Vocabulary Games: Teacher's Resour...

Begin by asking questions about what language knowledge the different levels of learners have. Also consider what learners need to know when asking for directions. For example, for many true beginners, the original dialog includes too many colloquialisms and new vocabulary words for them to use it successfully. At the same time, a low-intermediate learner with better speaking skills might feel very comfortable using the dialog as it is. These learner differences need to be considered in order to make the lesson as effective as possible for all learners in the class.

Intermediate Vocabulary Games: Teacher's Resour...

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Vocab Victor can support English Language Learners who are building their language proficiency. The app can help English speakers improve their vocabulary too, but is particularly useful for students learning the language. With Vocab Victor, students can explore intermediate-level vocabulary to increase competence across four language skills.

This word learning app is designed to supplement classroom instruction. Assign this fun app in lieu of vocabulary lists, flashcards, and worksheets to give students focused instruction that will hold their attention. Victor teaches intermediate-level vocabulary, increasing competence across all four language skills, and helps students build native-like word association networks making it one of the best vocabulary apps on the market! 041b061a72


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