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[S2E3] What Is Dead May Never Die

As it turns out, Lannister men have accosted Yoren's party, led by Ser Amory Lorch. He demands that they drop their weapons in the name of King Joffrey, and Yoren refuses. He takes a crossbow bolt to the shoulder, staggers, and remarks about how much he hates crossbows. And then he slashes the Lannister crossbowman across the throat and battle is joined. Yoren puts up a good fight but is overwhelmed and killed, while the other recruits are quickly subdued. Gendry bashes a few foes with his hammer before being apprehended, Hot Pie... does what Hot Pie does and surrenders quickly. Arya tries to help Jaqen H'ghar, Rorge and Biter out of their cage due to a fire that had been set accidentally by one of the recruits. As she runs she's knocked down by Polliver, who takes Needle from her. As the fight winds down, we find Lommy Greenhands downed with a quarrel through his leg. Polliver asks if he can walk, and when he states that he can't and needs to be carried, Polliver stabs him through the throat with Needle, much to the amusement of the Lannister bannermen around him. Amory Lorch restates his intent to find a bastard named Gendry, and if they don't say then he will "start taking eyeballs." Arya steps up quickly as the camera pans over the dead Lommy, Gendry's bull's head helmet next to him: "You want Gendry? You already got him. He loved that helmet," she says, and the episode ends.

[S2E3] What Is Dead May Never Die

Jon Snow survives his run in with Craster and we finally learn what he has been doing with his wives (sisters) male children; giving them to the Others! For the first time since the prologue of the first season, we receive a glimpse of these scary looking dead humanoids hat the Nights Watch is so concerned about.

The story of a game has to be told through its gameplay.Even if said gameplay is really minimalistic,and a bunch of cutscenes interspersed with quick time events.Heck,walking dead has its fair shere of cutscenes,but they dont clash with what you are able to do in gameplay.Youll never have lee choke a walker to death with a quick time event,only to get a cutscene of him doing the exact same thing,only failing. 041b061a72


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