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You Are All That I Have by Chinyere Udoma MP3 Download - Stream Online or Offline

You Are All That I Have by Chinyere Udoma MP3 Download

If you are looking for a powerful and uplifting Nigerian gospel song, you should check out You Are All That I Have by Chinyere Udoma. This song is a beautiful expression of Chinyere's love and devotion to God, who is her source of strength, joy, and peace. In this article, we will tell you more about Chinyere Udoma, the meaning and lyrics of her song, and how you can download it for your personal or spiritual use.

you are all that i have by chinyere udoma mp3 download



Chinyere Udoma is one of the most popular and respected gospel singers in Nigeria. She is also known as Big Mother or Sister Chi by her fans and admirers. She has been in the gospel music industry for over a decade, releasing songs that inspire, encourage, and bless people across Nigeria and beyond. She is also a philanthropist who supports various causes and projects that benefit the less privileged.

You Are All That I Have is one of her most loved songs, which was released in 2013 as part of her album It Is Done (Omewo Ya). The song is a testimony of Chinyere's faithfulness to God, who has been with her through thick and thin. She acknowledges that God is her everything, and without Him, she is nothing. She also praises God for His goodness, mercy, and grace in her life.

The song has been well received by Nigerian gospel music lovers, who appreciate its message, melody, and delivery. Many people have testified that the song has touched their hearts, lifted their spirits, and drawn them closer to God. The song has also been played on various radio stations, TV channels, and online platforms, reaching millions of listeners and viewers.

Chinyere Udoma Biography

Chinyere Udoma was born in 1976 in Ibadan, Oyo State. She hails from the southeastern part of Nigeria, though her exact state of origin is not known. She started her musical career at a young age, when she joined her church choir. She developed a passion for gospel music, which became her chosen genre.

She graduated from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), where she studied Linguistics. She then pursued her musical career full-time, releasing her debut album Agu Neche Mba in 2000. The album was a success, featuring songs in Yoruba language that showcased Chinyere's vocal prowess and talent.

Since then, she has released several albums, such as Wind of Glory, Omeokachie, Manifestation Time, Merciful God, and Marvelous God. Some of her hit songs include Jehovah Mara Over, A Dim Well Loaded, I Have a Reason, Adim Well Loaded, Wind of Glory, and It Is Done. She has also collaborated with other gospel artists, such as Gozie Okeke, Prince Gozie Okeke, and Princess Njideka Okeke.

Chinyere Udoma has won several awards and recognitions for her contribution to the gospel music industry. Some of them are Best Female Gospel Artist of the Year, Most Outstanding Gospel Artist of the Year, Best Gospel Album of the Year, and Gospel Music Ambassador of the Year. She has also been nominated for various national and international awards, such as the African Gospel Music Awards, Nigerian Gospel Music Awards, and Gospel Music Association of Nigeria Awards.

You Are All That I Have Lyrics

You Are All That I Have is a song that expresses Chinyere's deep appreciation and dependence on God, who has been her provider, protector, healer, and friend. The song also declares that God is the only one who can satisfy her soul, and that nothing else can compare to His love and grace. The song is sung in English language, with some Igbo words and phrases.

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The main themes and messages of the song are faith, gratitude, surrender, and worship. The song shows how Chinyere trusts God completely, and how she gives Him all the glory for what He has done in her life. The song also invites the listeners to join her in praising God, who is worthy of all honor and adoration.

Some of the notable lines and verses of the song are:

You are all that I have

You are all that I need

You are all that I want

  • You are everything to me

I cannot live without you

I cannot breathe without you

I cannot move without you

  • You are my everything

Onye oma m eeh (My good God)

Onye ne me mma (The one who does good to me)

Onye ne me nma (The one who is good to me)

  • You are my everything

You are worthy to be praised

You are worthy to be worshipped

You are worthy to be adored

  • You are my everything

You Are All That I Have MP3 Download

If you want to download You Are All That I Have by Chinyere Udoma for your personal or spiritual use, you have several options to choose from. You can download the song for free or for a fee, depending on your preference and budget. Here are some of the benefits of downloading the song:

  • You can listen to the song anytime and anywhere, without relying on internet connection or data plan.

  • You can share the song with your friends and family, and spread the gospel message to others.

  • You can use the song as a background music for your prayer, meditation, or worship session.

  • You can learn the lyrics of the song and sing along with Chinyere Udoma.

  • You can support Chinyere Udoma and her ministry by buying her albums or songs online or offline.

Here are some of the websites where you can download You Are All That I Have by Chinyere Udoma:

Website NameDownload LinkPrice

Naija Music Hub[Click here]Free

Gospel Hotspot[Click here]Free

Naija Gospel Songs[Click here]Free

iTunes Store[Click here]$0.99 per song or $9.99 per album

Amazon Music[Click here]$0.99 per song or $9.49 per album

Spotify Premium[Click here]$9.99 per month for unlimited streaming and downloading Conclusion

You Are All That I Have by Chinyere Udoma is a song that will bless your soul and lift your spirit. It is a song that reminds you of God's love, faithfulness, and presence in your life. It is a song that will make you appreciate God more and worship Him with all your heart.

We hope that this article has given you some useful information about Chinyere Udoma, the meaning and lyrics of her song, and how you can download it for your personal or spiritual use. We encourage you to listen to the song and share your feedback with us in the comment section below. We also invite you to follow Chinyere Udoma on her social media accounts and website, where you can get more updates and insights about her music and ministry.

Here are the links to Chinyere Udoma's social media accounts and website:

  • Facebook: [Click here]

  • Twitter: [Click here]

  • Instagram: [Click here]

  • YouTube: [Click here]

  • Website: [Click here]


Here are some of the common questions and answers about Chinyere Udoma and her song:

Q: What is the genre of Chinyere Udoma's music?

A: Chinyere Udoma's music is mainly gospel, with influences from Igbo highlife, Afrobeat, and contemporary Christian music.

Q: How many albums has Chinyere Udoma released so far?

A: Chinyere Udoma has released over 10 albums so far, wi


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