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Dragon Ball Z (Dub) Episode 288

Vegeta and Nappa arrive on Earth, and they want the dragon balls. The toughest fighters on Earth battle the Saiyans, but it goes badly without Goku. Piccolo dies protecting Gohan. Goku finally arrives, and Over 9000 memes are created in the battle.

Dragon Ball Z (Dub) Episode 288

Meanwhile, episodes 287 and 288 focus on the pleasant aftermath of Kid Buu's demise. This involves Majin Buu trying to fit in with Earthlings who hate him for his past actions, while the latter episode focuses on Goku's ordeals to protect four dragon eggs. Given that Dragon Ball Z is a show that many people would start loving, these anime-original stories feel like the cherry on top of a well-stuffed and satisfying cake. 041b061a72


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