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[Manojob] Claire Roos - The Gutter Trash Slut -...

Claire Roos makes her network debut on ManoJob, and what a debut it is. Claire's one of the naughtiest, perverted models I've ever had the pleasure to work with! I mean just listen to her opening line. (Not coached or planned out, by the way). So Claire loves cum, but she prefers piss. To start things off. And look, you're gonna tell Claire isn't used to working the camera without some help from her co-star...but once she gets a little more comfortable, Claire starts workin' the camera! In addition to being a piss freak, Claire's a self-proclaimed gutter trash slut who loves it up the ass; in fact, the more dicks up her ass, the better!! Mr. POV brought one of his golf partners to set, and he needed to nut before they both hit the course. Of course Claire agreed! What an utter mess Claire is in the end!! Enjoy my bro!

[Manojob] Claire Roos - The Gutter Trash Slut -...



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