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Places To Buy Rugs Nyc

A New York antique rug dealer since 1980, Nazmiyal has a highly specialized and user-friendly website with an extensive inventory of antique rugs of every type, size, and style. An inventory of this range and quality is based on years of experience and effort in searching out the best pieces from sources all over the world.

places to buy rugs nyc

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But many other dealers numbering in the hundreds fill floor after floor in various office buildings throughout this district. Dealers of this latter type cater mostly to the trade and to one another. They do engage in retail sales, but one has to know antique Oriental rugs and their value rather well to buy from the office-building dealers, whose retail clients are mostly collectors.

Within the rug world, this is certainly no secret. Dealers from all-over constantly come to New to have access to its supply of rugs. Such visits tend to swell enormously when there are major auctions or special exhibitions of rugs. And New York is not only attractive to European dealers and collectors, but even to those from the Orient. It is well known that dealers from Central Asia, Iran, and Turkey flock to New York to acquire antique pieces from their home regions.

The reason for this is that the supply of antique pieces in these areas has long since dried up owing to an endless, century-old demand in the West for Oriental rugs. So when you buy an antique carpet in Istanbul or anywhere else in Turkey or the Middle East, it may well be a piece that had spent much of its life in Europe or the United States!

It is certainly wonderful to travel to these places, but if your goal is to acquire an antique carpet for the best price, you might as invest in a less expensive trip to New York. If you live in or Near New York, you might as well stay at home and concentrate your resources entirely on the rug itself. And in truth you do not even have to travel at all.

Among the various New York rug dealers, Nazmiyal has a highly specialized and user-friendly website with an extensive inventory of antique pieces of every type, size, and style. An inventory of this range and quality is based on years of experience and effort in searching out the best pieces from sources all over the world. Nazmiyal is also a natural magnet that constantly attracts those interested in selling rugs.

I love to browse the collections of the four above, but just realize that you are paying someone to curate that selection for you. I wouldn't classify those as affordable vintage rugs, but they have a really great selection of rugs.

p.s. I've gotten so many questions about where to find vintage rugs, that I just wrote another blog post on exactly how I search for them. Check out Cheap Vintage Rugs for more information! There's a step-by-step guide for searching eBay and Etsy! Plus, hear more details on rug buying and sizing on an episode of the Your Home Story podcast!

I just came across the stores that you introduce above. I must recognize that they are very beautiful and the price is also very good, even some stores have the prices super cheap. But, my trouble is I don't know too much about the color as well as the type of pattern on the rug of each country. So I seem to feel every rug is as same as each other, I can't see what is more beautiful than others. If I have to choose, I would choose the rug which fits my eyes best LOL. I truly see the rug you've chosen (in the photo you post) is really beautiful, and suitable both in term of size, color and design for each position you spread the rug. May you took a long time to find out those rugs? Have you ever had any secrets when selecting the rug?

I've been bidding on a few rugs on the eBay sites you recommended, but I'm always outbid. Small 4x6 Persian rugs are going for well over $100, and up to $250. Does this sound about right? I was curious what " a good price" would be before I start bidding too high. Thanks!

So, $200 is around the going price on ebay for that size (or atleast for the sellers that I'm watching). That's a pretty good price. You will pay more than that on Etsy for sure. Another place to check is esalerugs. They run 50% off a lot so you might be able to beat that price there.

I missed your comment - so sorry! Happy mail totally arrived at your house. I don't have mine professionally cleaned but if I bought an oversized one for a space that we'd be hanging out on all the time, then I would for sure. Of course, I vacuum very good. Spot spray and will lay out in the sun. For smaller rugs, I do this: -to-clean-a-vintage-rug/

I just bought Sirius design rug carpet few months ago. I liked the way described on their page how to take care of rugs is useful. And they took little bit more time to delivered. But its worth to wait for good things take place. Nice experience to buy rugs carpet online.

So, I buy "vintage" rugs that I just love so as far as authenticity... I've never taken them to have then authenticated. I definitely agree that there are multiples of a certain pattern that look similar but to me, I'm ok with that because I'm buying what I love. Hope that helps!

Our company is the biggest handmade vintage Turkish rug and kilims supplier of Turkey. Our company sells, vintage small area rugs, bathroom rugs, bathmats, doormats, cushions, large area rugs, runner rugs and all kinds of kilim rugs. You can check our products at the link below. If you have any other requests we would like to work on it. If it is interesting for you please contact us. We would love to work with you in the future.

I would like to recommend BohoFlourish on Etsy. Some of their rugs are available on Chairish, as well. They offer free shipping but have a no-return policy that is explained very well on the site. That being said, the rugs come cleaned and from a smoke and pet-free environment. I have several and have had no disappointments. The rugs are vintage rugs, 1930s-1960s, from villages in Iran. Lots of pictures of each rug. And it is also great just for learning about different types of Persian rugs.

Dear AshleyOn behalf of Art Vintage rug shop, let me take this opportunity to introduce to you our shop and the services that we offer. We have been on top of the vintage rugs and carpets business for the last 10 years, and we continue to strive to deliver the same uncompromising quality that has helped cement our reputation as one of the leading stores in Turkey.We are certain that your company might need some products that our firm can provide. we specialize in the supply of quality vintage rugs and we offer an efficient and meticulous designing and production process of custom-made rugs that would guarantee satisfying results at competitive prices. We are familiar with a number of delivery methods and other services. In line with the industry's unique needs, we tailor our approach to help you find the best services to meet your goals.

Whether you have hardwood floors you want to protect from kids and pets; an unsightly scuff or stain you want to hide; or simply need to add a bit of pizzazz and warmth to an otherwise bland space, area rugs serve a ton of purposes.

Finding the perfect rug online can be tough. Not only do you need to figure out the correct measurements for your room, but you also have to gauge material feel and color through a screen. Because personal taste factors so heavily into the area rug you ultimately pick, we've focused on our favorite area rug retailers rather than individual rugs we like.

Members of the Insider Reviews team have experience with every retailer in our guide, so we can attest to the quality of the rugs they supply, the excellence of their customer service, and the intuitive user experiences of their websites. Learn more about how Insider Reviews tests and researches home products.

Rugs USA currently has thousands of area rugs for sale, from doormats to whole-room area rugs. They range in price from a few dollars to a few thousand. Styles available include Moroccan, contemporary, and shag, and that's just the beginning.

I currently have two large room-size area rugs from Rugs USA in my apartment. They arrived rolled up in long boxes, secured and protected in plastic wrap. They were a bit unwieldy, but some awkwardness is to be expected when shipping an 8-foot-by-10-foot rug.

Insider Reviews executive editor Sally Kaplan also loves Rugs USA for its large selection. But since it has so many rugs on offer, she recommends getting to know the sort feature quite well so you don't miss that perfect rug hidden deep on page 76.

If you thought Rugs USA's selection of area rugs was impressive, Wayfair blows that out of the water with nearly 300,000. If you have the patience, you can find great deals on rugs of all styles and sizes. But you will have to commit some time to finding the right rug for your home and sifting through quite a few subpar selections.

It's important to once again make friends with the sorting tools; we especially like that you can sort by pile height. You may also want to give the user reviews a little more weight than usual. We don't often recommend this as many user reviews can be fake or manipulated, but with such a vast catalog to sort through, they can be a handy tool to help you narrow down which rugs are high-quality choices and which might wear out quickly.

If you're looking to splurge a bit more to upgrade your space, we love West Elm's selection of area rugs. They're a bit more expensive than some of our other picks, but the unique designs add a distinctly modern and sophisticated look to your space.

You'll also have peace of mind in your purchase, knowing that many of their rugs are fair trade, denoted by a clear symbol near the item as you scroll. Another symbol denotes which rugs are handwoven, and you can click to learn more about the weavers. It's a nice touch that gives you more context about your purchase and the artisans you're supporting.

Area rugs can be expensive, so losing one to a spill or stain or wearing one out with lots of foot traffic can be tough on the wallet. Ruggable has come up with a system for reviving your area rugs: They've made them machine washable. Each area rug comes in two pieces: a rug pad that goes on your floor and a decorative rug cover that attaches to it with a sort of velcro effect. 041b061a72


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