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Kuroshitsuji: Book Of Circus - Episode 1

This series adapted the Noah's Circus Arc of the manga, where Ciel is sent a letter from the Queen about suspicious happenings and children's disappearances whenever the circus comes to London. We are going to rank all ten episodes of the Black Butler: Book of Circus anime, according to IMDb. Be aware of spoilers as we are going to be talking about the entire anime.

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus - Episode 1


This is episode three of Black Butler: Book of Circus. Ciel and Sebastian must be accepted into Noah's Arc Circus so they can discover if the circus troupe has been kidnapping children. To do that, they go through various trials such as tightrope walking and throwing knives.

This is episode nine of Black Butler: Book of Circus. Baron Kelvin is a sick and twisted antagonist, but the doctor is just as, or even worse, than the baron. After it is revealed that the doctor has been supplying the disabled circus troupe members prosthetics that were created from deceased children, Ciel decides he has gained enough evidence and kills Baron Kelvin as well as Joker.

This is episode seven of Black Butler: Book of Circus. Ciel's circus troupe days seemed to have made him a better actor, as he uses a smile to leave the manor and trick Prince Soma and Agni. This episode takes place after Ciel and Sebastian are revealed to not be circus troupe members but Ciel Phantomhive and his butler.

It shows how twisted Baron Kelvin is, as he uses children who seem to be broken perform circus tricks and dying. Ciel stops everything before too many children die. At the end of the episode, Ciel has a panic attack because the cult where he was kidnapped got recreated.

Black Butler: Book of Circus begins TODAY with episode 1 at 12:45pm Pacific Time for premium members, with free members able to watch one week later. Future episodes will be broadcast at the regular time of Thursdays at 12:30pm Pacific Time. More information can be found at -butler-book-of-circus.

All in all a marvelous edition to the Kuroshitsuji family. Which leads on to the Book of Murder. A two episode Ova which takes place directly after the book of Circus. Where we have a cluedo like mystery of a killer in the house during a storm. With Arthur Wordsmith (who is based of Arthur Conan Doyle) as a character. 041b061a72


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